Parish Mardi Gras take-out meal

Parish Mardi Gras take-out meal


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our council was asked by our pastor, Fr. Dan Baillargeon, to help plan and prepare the main dish of jambalaya to commemorate Mardi Gras. This was to be a take-out meal consisting of jambalaya, corn muffins, chocolate cupcakes, along with chocolate candies and a string of brightly-colored beads. Meals were to be pre-ordered by Monday, the 8th of February, so we would know how much of the jambalaya to prepare for the event on Valentine’s Day. The cost was somewhat whimsically proposed to be $4.99 and that is what was charged. Two of our brothers did a trial run of the jambalaya on the 5th, because we had never used this particular recipe previously. Then we worked with other parish members to purchase suitable containers and serving trays for the event. Members of the parish council prepared the corn muffins and the ladies of St. Theresa’s Guild prepared the cupcakes, which were all delivered to the church hall on Saturday, the 13th. This was also the day we prepared the main dish and packaged it for distribution on Sunday. A total of 147 meals had been pre-ordered and all were picked up that day. The donations amounted to almost $900 and expenses were under $250. Fr. Dan has a couple charities in mind for the net balance. This was our first attempt at a parish-wide meal event in over a year and we will be looking to expand on this positive result.

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