Parish Office Painting

Parish Office Painting


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

The Parish building manager asked the Knights if they could make ready one of the Parish Offices for the incoming Priest Fr. Siket for August 1st. On July 15th, three brother Knights arrived at the Parish Office to begin the office upgrade.

Yes, the Office got painted, Jeff Schaller, Jim Vachon and Keith Forbes prepped the office by moving the furniture, taking down the wall hangings, decorations, washing the walls, taping, then cutting in and rolling the walls. Went back a second day and gave it another coat, then washed the base boards and put the office back together and vacuumed the carpet.

The office looks clean and bright, just the right start for our incoming Priest Fr. Siket.

But, just another example of Knights good work in Parish Life. Good Job Knights!

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