Parish Safety Committee Meeting

Parish Safety Committee Meeting


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

Project Description:

I am a volunteer on the St. Michael’s Parish Church Safety Committee. I attended a meeting at the Parish Offices. There were 8 people present, including 3 Knights. I was the only Knight from Council 1423. The other Knights represented Gardiner and Augusta. The Safety Committee was created to address threats to church goers’ safety and well being while attending Mass. These situations include health and medical emergencies as well as situations that may arise which require a member to intervene with disruptive individuals who disturb the peace of the church or pose a threat to a Priest or another member or members of the congregation.
During these turbulent times we cannot assume our churches will always be free of conflicts. Members of the Safety Committee are certified and trained in the use of CPR and AED. Procedures are discussed during the committee meetings concerning the proper way to deal with criminal behavior.
The Safety Committee is in need of more volunteers to be present at all the Masses in our Parish. I would like to see a large influx of Knights join this worthy and valuable activity, not only at St. Michaels, but throughout this State.

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