Parish Safety Committee Meeting

Parish Safety Committee Meeting


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

Project Description:

At this meeting, we discussed the list(s) of previous volunteers with the responses received from inquiries as to participant’s continued interest. A briefing was given regarding recent participation if the USDOJ-sponsored “Protecting Houses of Worship” Forum, in Westbrook. Details of the disbursement of recently-received Federal Grant Funds was provided. Scheduling of the next round of CPR/AED training and certification was postponed until after the Holidays. A lengthy discussion was held regarding the need to determine when a person, either at Mass , or on the property, has violated the statutory requirements for meeting the criteria for “Criminal Trespass” absent definitive guidance from ecclesial authorities.Of note, an item concerning an urgent need to correct a lighting deficieny at one of our worship sites was corrected by that weekend.

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