Rectory Bathroom Floor Repair and Replacement

Rectory Bathroom Floor Repair and Replacement


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

An annual review of church facilities by our Maintenance Committee disclosed that leaking water from the shower had causing rot to the underlayment of the rectory’s bathroom floor. Three Knights were involved in solving the problem and remedying the situation. The source of the leak was identified as a horizontal seam that afforded shower water an avenue to the floor. Enough vinyl flooring was removed to expose the damage. Rotted underlayment was removed, and proper underlayment was installed.
A local flooring establishment was contacted for an estimate to replace the vinyl. That price came in at $450. Our council approved paying for that expense; however, the estimate did not include removing and resetting the toilet. On the appointed day of installing new vinyl, two Brothers removed the toilet and set it aside while the installation was completed. They returned later in the day to re-install the toilet, including sealing the base. Our resident priest was totally impressed, pleased and appreciative that our council not only covered the cost but was totally involved with getting the job done!

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