Repairing the Stairs and Installing New Stair Tread Covers for Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Repairing the Stairs and Installing New Stair Tread Covers for Our Lady of the Rosary Church


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

The brick stairs for the front and side entrances of Our Lady of the Rosary in Sabattus and become deteriorated over time due to salt and age. Last spring these entrances had to be closed off because they had become unsafe to use and several bricks fell out.

Our Council assisted the Church by finding a suitable masonry contractor that could properly repair the damaged steps. We paied for 1/2 of the repair costs from our church budget ($3,500). Once the bricks had been repaired, we made plans to build new pressure treated wood stair tread covers to be installed on top of the brick to prevent further deterioration to the newly repaird masonry. The church had stair tread covers in the past, but somehow through the change of maintenance staff, they had been discarded.

One of our Knights, Brother Knight Dan Bouffard, took the lead on this project and created a design plan for the replacement covers. He then bagan looking for the pressure treated lumber to build them with. Due to the pandemic and the lack of available materials, it took a bit longer to procure the lumber than expected. In the end, he had to source the lumber from multiple suppliers, buying out their entire stock in the process.

On November 27th, we assembled a work party consisting of Dan Bouffard, myself (Robert Michaud), my son and Brother Knight Xavier Michaud, my youngest son Nicolas Michaud, and Brother Knight David Devoe to build and install the stair tread covers. We used nearly every last board that Dan had purchased, but we were successful in building the covers just in time for the winter snows. These stair tread covers are solidly built and will serve the church well for years to come.

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