Replace Rotting Cross at Prayer Garden

Replace Rotting Cross at Prayer Garden


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

The life size cross located the the Prayer Garden at St. Peter’s in East Millinocket was in dire need of restoration. Upon careful inspection it was determined that it was beyond repair and needed to be replaced. In fact, because of its size, it was deemed a hazard. The decision was made to replace the cross and the Knights were asked to assist in the project. 4 Knights took on the project of safely dismantling the existing structure and removing the debris. Finding a replacement was a challenge. What was needed was a solid piece of lumbar at least 12 feet high and a cross beam of 8 feet that was at least 6 inches thick. Help was solicited from a local Knight who owned a sawmill. As luck would have it, he had recently purchased some telephone poles that the telephone company had replaced. He readily volunteered to mill a round pole into a cross with the proper dimensions. Another Knight volunteers to fabricate a steel brace that the cross would be anchored to and the foot of the cross and the brace were placed in a cement footer. 4 Knights then completed the newly created cross with the proper adornments and raised the new cross into place. Father Dominic was then asked to bless the new cross as it took its place in the newly renovated Prayer Garden.

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