Responding To A Request From Our Deacon. 15791

Responding To A Request From Our Deacon. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Four council brothers participated in the distribution of a Parish Lenten Guide, and information pertaining to our up-coming Parish Retreat, at Saint Gregory’s Church before and after Mass on Saturday February 29, 2020. Working hand and hand with our clergy, and our deacon the last seven months have been very busy. The Lenten Parish Guide will help parishioners pray each day during Lent, with their family members. In preparing for and during Lent we must create a Lenten atmosphere, pray more, fast each day, and participate in the Family Rice Bowl Program. Making time to participate in Small Faith-Sharing Groups at the Parish, and in private homes is also very important. This season our Parish is hosting a 3 day Retreat with an outside speaker. Our Council Faith in Action Director has already alerted the council membership of this Retreat, with hopes of a good attendance for this three day event. We become as knights closer to GOD and our Families by Prayer, Learn to Forgive, and Get ON with our Lives. By working this event today we hope that the Parishioners we spoke with before and after Mass about these programs, will make time during Lent to Thank the Lord our God for all his many gifts and Life. AMEN.

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