Sacristy Remodeling

Sacristy Remodeling


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

During the spring of 2019, portions of the roof over the sacristy of Our Lady of the Rosary began to leak and cause damage to the ceiling and walls in the sacristy. Once the roof was repaired, we worked with the priests assigned to Our Lady to schedule the necessary renovations to the sacristy. Some ceiling tiles needed to be changed, and it was a great opportunity to re-paint the walls, which were looking very dingy from age. In addition, since the ceiling was being worked on, it was a good opportunity to upgrade the lighting in the room. In addition, we took the opportunity to replace some of the aged wiring in the ceiling and a few of the older light switches that appeared to be malfunctioning. Brother Knights Dan Bouffard, Robert Michaud and Don Champagne repainted the walls, replaced the failed ceiling tiles and upgraded the light fixtures. The results were a dramatic improvement over the past and allowed the sacristy to be used again.

Council #13181 paid for all the materials for this project including primer, paint, brushes, rollers, ceiling tiles and misc. supplies.

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