Send A Scout To Camp/Westbrook Food Pantry

Send A Scout To Camp/Westbrook Food Pantry


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Westbrook council held their third annual yard sale with the help of twenty-nine Brother Knights, their wives, boy scouts, scout leaders and scout mother’s. Four weekends prior to the event Brother Knights were at the church manning the drop off center which was a trailer donated from Hannaford Foods which enabled us to immediately price and store the yard sale items. The day before the sale, a driver donated his time to move the trailer to our location which was the American Legion building located on Dunn Street in Westbrook. With a steady stream of yard sale customers we were able to raise $2466.00 which is the most ever raised beating last years total by approximately $700.00. The purpose of this effort was to raise money to enable less fortunate Boy Scouts to be able to attend summer camp. In addition, some of the proceeds were donated to the Westbrook Food Pantry. This years event not only raised the most money ever but it also had the most support from brother Knights, scouts and family members making it a fantastic community event.

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