Silver Rose Ceremony and Pilgrimage in Cluster 4

Silver Rose Ceremony and Pilgrimage in Cluster 4


Council: 1873 - HOULTON

Project Description:

From June 2 – June 8 Council 1873 took part as stewards of the silver Rose on its pilgrimage to Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in Mexico.

We held a Silver Rose Ceremony with a Votive Mass for our Lady of Guadalupe on June 3rd at Saint Mary of the Visitation Catholic Church. During this Mass, we had 2 honor guards present and a total of 7 brother knights. Following the Silver Rose Ceremony and Votive Mass, there was time for Adoration and confession.

On June 4th we decided to take the Silver Rose to the other churches in our cluster. Starting with Saint Paul’s Mission in Patten followed by Saint Agnes in Island Falls. The parishioners of these churches were extremely grateful to be included in the Silver Rose’s pilgrimage.

On June 5th the Silver Rose was again present at Saint Mary of the Visitation at the 8 am and the 1030 Masses.
Over the course of three days, the Silver Rose went to 2 Parishes, 3 Churches, and 5 Masses. We have had approx 30 Knights from at least 4 different Councils present and over 300 parishioners that have participated as we prayed for life here in our small cluster.

On behalf of Council 1873, it has been a privilege to have the Silver Rose with us this week.

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