Silver Rose Program

Silver Rose Program


Council: 2851 - LIMESTONE

Project Description:

For the 1st time ever, Aroostook County received the opportunity to host a Silver Rose Program and Limestone 2851 is the only Council in the County to conduct the prayer service. Due to international issues in receiving the rose from Nova Scotia, a second rose was shipped from South Carolina just in case the 1st one did not arrive in time. However, bot arrived on 30 April 2021. Therefore, a prayer service was held after the 11 AM Mass on 2 May with 40 attendees. That Silver Rose was then transferred to District 3 in Houlton (IPSD/DD Mark Bourgoin drove to Houlton to transfer the Silver Rose, 60 miles). The second rose did not come with a base, therefore the IPSD/DD built a base and his wife Lois created a drape to cover the base and for the rose to fit snugly into the base. We then conducted the Prayer Service again after the 11 AM Mass on Mother’s Day (9 May) with another 40 attendees. That rose was then packaged with the new base and drape and shipped by FEDEX to Michigan for their State Convention on 11 May 2021.

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