Sponsorship of workshop on living with depression

Sponsorship of workshop on living with depression


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our council was asked by Marc Sirois, of Council 7300, to help contribute to the cost of providing textbooks for an upcoming workshop in March. This workshop is to address the issue of living with depression from the Catholic point of view. Br. Sirois, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, will be presenting this workshop along with a psychiatrist from MaineGeneral Medical Center. The textbooks will help the attendees to understand better the Catholic outlook on depression. The original sponsorship of this event is by the Sisters of St. Joseph, hosted at their Center in Winslow. However, since all three councils in District 7 have given support to the purchase of the textbooks, the sponsorship has been expanded to include the councils of Corpus Christi Parish.
This is another example of councils working together toward a common goal.

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