St. Louis “Drive Thru” Harvest Supper

St. Louis "Drive Thru" Harvest Supper


Council: 2851 - LIMESTONE

Project Description:

The Knights in Limestone along with the Ladies of St. Anne and numerous parishioners planned, coordinated, promoted (in Limestone, Caswell, Van Buren, Caribou, Fort Fairfield and Presque Isle), and worked the drive thru harvest supper that was held on Sunday, 10 October. All food was donated which included 18 turkeys, 100 lbs. potatoes, 20 lbs. each of carrots & green beans, 50 lbs. of stuffing, over 200 apple crisp desserts, rolls, etc. Cost was $10 per meal. All funds are to help with the Church Fuel Fund. Almost $3,000 was raised.

Most of the hard work was done on Saturday, 9 October, cooking the turkeys (then deboning them) and peeling potatoes. Sunday, the hard work continued with everything being ready to go by 3:30 PM and by 5:30 PM we had served almost 200 “to go” trays with a baggie (roll and cranberry sauce) and apple crisp for dessert. We also received almost $500 in donations. Dishes were being cleaned throughout the event. Excellent teamwork by everyone involved.

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