St Rose Community Center Lighting

St Rose Community Center Lighting


Council: 320 - JAY

Project Description:

The St Rose school building which is now being used as a community center had old fluorescent lighting throughout the building. Many of the fixtures were in disrepair and some of the lighting was non-functional. It was decided to look into replacing the lighting with more efficient LED fixtures. The new lights were ordered through Maine Hardware who worked with us to get an Efficiency Maine rebate for the fixtures. The fixtures were ordered in early summer of 2022. A group of men from the Knights, the parish Men’s group and a parishioner who is a licensed electrician volunteered to install the newly purchased lights. By September 12, 2022 the lights in all the upstairs classrooms, the stairwells and the kitchen were all replaced giving the parish a significant cost reduction in labor costs. The new lighting is much brighter than the old lighting and gives new life to the building.

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