St. Therese of Lisieux Food Closet

St. Therese of Lisieux Food Closet


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

The Food Closet is open for 2 hours, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM on Thursdays at St Ignatius Gym. On a rotating basis, either 4 or 5 volunteers generally work any given Thursday. Each volunteer generally works 3 hours on those days. Many of the volunteers are Knights and their wives.

In addition, once a month there is a delivery of food from the Federal Government’s TFAP program. Generally 3 volunteers will drive down to the delivery site at Curtis Lake Church, unload the 2 palates of food into our personal cars or trucks, and deliver them to St Ignatius Gym. There is generally one and one half hours of time for the three volunteers with this function.

Jeff Russell’s wife Barbara, the Director of the Food Closet, and himself then will handle stocking of the food, dating it, rotating it, planning the next week’s food distribution, finding and buying additional supplemental foods, and monitoring our freezers. Jeff’s wife also deals with the TFAP ordering, managing the donated monies and accounts, inventory, maintaining spreadsheets that track visits and food, thank you letters to donors, and other organizational chores.

The foods generally provided at the Closet include: varying types of frozen meat from the TFAP program, tuna, peanut butter, milk, cereal, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, canned chicken, soups, canned vegetables and fruit, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, jelly, navy beans and any additional donated foods, or sale item foods at the local stores.

Each individual who comes to the Food Closet selects those foods they would like, and everyone tends to leave with a very full reusable grocery bag of food – for some, too heavy to carry to their cars.

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