State March for Life

State March for Life


Council: 7300 - WINSLOW

Project Description:

One member of our council and his wife attended Mass to start the day’s events, after helping to set up at the gym next door. We then attended a moving rally in St. Michael’s Gymnasium, listening attentively to many pro life messages, including our own Bishop Deeley. We then headed outside to form up for the March. Our member carried one end of the banner proclaiming the message “Maine Knights of Columbus Respect Life”, with another Brother. Once at the Capitol, which was easily surrounded by a chain of marchers, the bell was rung once for every year since Roe v Wade passed, and a rose was laid in the snow next to it. There was surprisingly good press coverage by tv and print media; the general consensus is that, while there is still much to be done, the tide is slowly turning!

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