Summer Meeting of Officers

Summer Meeting of Officers


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Council Officers and Directors were invited to our summer meeting to review the upcoming year. One Trustee offered the use of his house to host the event. A small cookout of cheeseburgers and hot dogs was offered as an incentive. All thirteen officers/directors who had reserved showed up for the meeting. The proposed budget for the years was presented by the GK. After several amendments to the budget were made, the group unanimously decided to send the budget to the membership for their vote to accept or reject. Later in the meeting the plan for activities in each area (Community, Faith, Family and Life) was proposed. We have an ambitious plan, but very much of it depends on Covid impact. We discussed how meetings should be conducted. We decided to try meeting in the large, open parish hall with masking and social distancing. A Zoom option will also be attempted during these in-person meetings.

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