Sunday Fellowship at St Gregory’s Church Hall. 15791

Sunday Fellowship at St Gregory's Church Hall. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Seven Council Brothers and Family members participated and hosted the coffee, pastries, and fellowship time for parishioners at the St Gregory parish hall after the 8:30a mass between July, 2017-June 2018. Their duties Included setting up the hall, preparing coffee, pastries, and other refreshments, hosting, and then cleaning up and closing the hall afterwards. This program is a major driver for our Church Community within the town of Gray, fostering relationships and friendships that truly change the St Gregory community, from folks that are acquaintances from mass to those who consider themselves a “Church Family.” We have feedback from folks that say this social time is the reason they have settled into St Gregory church and the reason they wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Once again our council Knights and their Family members answer Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s call in supporting the Family way of life, with of course our LORD’S HELP.

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