Support Daughter and Grandchildren In Their Request For Help. 15791

Support Daughter and Grandchildren In Their Request For Help. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our council members, and past council officer, responded to a special request, from his daughter on 10 May 2021. As a father, and knight of Columbus, you never know when and where the next request will be coming from. On 10 May 2021, my Son-In-Law was at work and he was found collapsed on the ground by a fellow co-worker. The co-worker attempted CPR but with no success. The next day upon arriving at the airport in Texas, we was greeted by one of our Granddaughter’s and I, my wife, and daughter were transported to our younger daughter’s home. The following day a member who was the base Major in charge of several military Chaplin’s met to discuss the plans for the viewing of the body, and the Memorial Mass. During the Viewing I was one of the Greeters at the Funeral Home and was also part of the group that set-up the Funeral Parlor for the evening viewing. The next day I joined a number of military officers including a One Star General, Two Major’s, One Coronial, and Six Captains, who were all Army and Air Force Chaplains and who worked with my Son-In-Law. Once again, I helped with seating of the people, and did a Bible Reading in Memory of my Son-In-Law. At the conclusion of the service an American Flag which was flown over the White House just a few days before was presented to my daughter by the Air Force Coronial, also presented this day to his Wife was a Certificate of Promotion from a First Lt. to Captain. His promotion was approved three days before his passing, but he had no idea of this promotion because they were going to have a special formation and present it to him as part of their Memorial Day Program. How fitting it was to have the One Star General and his NCO Aid, make the presentation to his Wife and Children. Following the closing of the Memorial Mass I along with my older daughter helped in the clean-up of the area. I will miss him very much. We had many good times together, and many memories were made. A Priest once told me in his Homily that your Birth Year tells us when you were born, then the Dash tells us what you achieved in Life, then the Date of your Death tells us when you died. The dash between these two dates is Very Special, and shows what we achieved, and shows your Love for your Family and GOD. My Son-In -Law is now in GOD’s hands, may his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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