Support Funeral Mass and Family of Council Fallen Brother. 15791

Support Funeral Mass and Family of Council Fallen Brother. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

This morning fourteen council brothers including our Spiritual Advisor participated in the Funeral Mass with the Family of Council Fallen Brother and Sir Knight John Bonnell. The service was held at Holy Martyr’s Church on Thursday April 12, 2018. As in any wake and funeral there has to be closure to the deceased members life and achievements. This morning Fr. Peter Kaseta conducted a very solemn Mass for Brother John and his Family. Between Fr. Peter and one of Brother Johns daughter, they shared many high-lights of Brother John’s life. Just a couple of memories worth sharing. Brother John was in the US Army retired after 20 years in the regular Army and 20 years in the Army Reserves. Brother John was a very dedicated Catholic, and a very loving Husband, Dad, Granddad, Great Granddad and dedicated Knight of Columbus. Brother John and Natalie were married for 58 years. Brother John and Natalie were selected as our candidate as Family of the Year to Supreme a couple of years ago. These were just some of the high – lights of his life. Today he was supported by his family, council brothers, and the Sir Knights Honor Guard from the Lakes Region Assembly of Windham / Bridgton, and Father Sebastian Rasle Assembly of Portland / South Portland. Three council brothers were honored to have been asked to be pallbearers along with three of Brother John’s sons. Following the funeral mass there was a lunch served in the church hall. All who attended enjoyed themselves very much. Plenty of fellowship was had by all. We will MISS you Brother John. May the soul of SK John Bonnell rest in peace…

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