Support Mainr Right to Life and Council 15791

Support Mainr Right to Life and Council 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself, and my family once again this year purchased from our Council Life Team Director “Maine Right to Life” tickets. During the last 21 years my family and I have purchased “Maine Right to Life” tickets in support of the State Life Program. It’s been a pleasure once again this year to have sent to us the tickets so we can continue supporting this Blessed Program. With the Covid-19 pandemic this year, many fund raising programs will be collecting very little for their cause’s. On the other hand some programs will need to be shut down completely because of the pandemic. As we look toward to 2021 we should all say prayers that this virus will be behind us, and all the many special groups such as the “Maine Right to Life” program will be able to operate normally once again. Blessings to Brother Frank and Wife Jean Pease for their dedicated service in support of “Maine Right to Life” and the Unborn Child…………….

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