Supporting a Community Veteran in Need. 15791

Supporting a Community Veteran in Need. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself, my wife and a number of Family members have supported this Disabled Veteran in our Community during the months of August through October, 2020. For myself and my wife we continue to reach out and support the Veteran Families, and non Veteran Families in our community. From August through October we have supported those in need with meals, transportation, Prayers and most of all caring as a Knights of Columbus Family. During the last two weeks I have been spending time with one of the disabled veterans in our community in understanding why GOD has taken his brother from him with Cancer. Caring for the sick, and trying to understand the reasons for why, many people pass away from some types of Cancer, is very challenging. Just yesterday this community friend, and neighbor’s brother passed, and is now with GOD. I am so fortunate to have been involved in my younger life with the emergency service’s in our former town. This involvement and exposure to the subject of “Death and Dying” has helped me to be able to understand and work with veterans and their families as well as non-veteran families. I pray to GOD that he will continue to give me the strength to continue to help those in need of a friend, and to help them wherever and whenever I can.

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