Swim for a Cause. Peaks To Portland Swim To Benefit Children 15791

Swim for a Cause. Peaks To Portland Swim To Benefit Children 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Recently our Council Treasurer Joe McDonnell was asked if he would be interested in participating in this year’s 2.4 mile swim on July 28 in support of the YMCA youth programs. After some thought he decided to step up and take on the challenge once again. Yesterday despite the long distance and cold water, with Brendan my son leading the way in his kayak as my coach, my goal was to finish in 1 1/2 hours! Our day started at 5 AM as we headed out to East End Beach in Portland. Once we got to the parking area my son Brendan put his kayak in the water and paddled out to Peaks Island. Once I saw him off I then walked to the ferry terminal got on the ferry which was taking the swimmers out to Peaks Island. Once all the swimmers were gathered we had a preparation meeting with the Staff and Safety people. This preparation meeting took about 30 minutes. Once this was over all the swimmers were paired off in groups of 100 per group, and then we were instructed to enter the water for warm-up. There was a total of 389 swimmers who took part in the event. I myself was placed in the fifth wave and started my swim around 9:20 AM, and our destination was East End Beach. Once the swim was finished we were all given towels and time to warm up before the award presentations took place. This day the YMCA Staff presented awards to the 3 winners in each age group. I unfortunately was not one of the lucky winners , but I enjoyed the event very much in support of the Youth Program. Before departing at approximately Noon I enjoyed some refreshments and socialized with some of the other swimmers and my son.
In the end I completed the 2.4 mile swim in chilly Casco Bay from Peaks Island to East End Beach in Portland in 1 1/2 hours. In participating in this event, I was able to raise $752.00 for children’s programs at the YMCA of Southern Maine. This gives me a total of $1,837.00 collected during the last two years. In addition this has been a worthy cause, since my wife’s dad Alfredo still swims at the Freeport YMCA branch several times a week, This gave me the EXTRA incentive once again this year in supporting the YMCA Youth Programs in whatever way I can. At the beginning, as well as in the end, I was very pleased that my Lord had given me the strength to complete this swim in 1 1/2 hours, and I am also pleased and thankful to those who came forward in support with their pledges, especially my Brother Knights of Council 15791 for this worthy cause. As Brothers in the Knights of Columbus we are challenged daily with requests for help, donations, prayers, etc. I enjoyed this Family time with my son and all the other swimmers from the surrounding communities very much.

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