The Play “To God Be the Glory”

The Play "To God Be the Glory"


Council: 11940 - YORK

Project Description:

Many Knights, spouses and children have participated in the Play “To God Be the Glory” at St Christopher’s in York Maine. In fact this past March was the 25th annual production of the play. Two Knights have been involved for all of the 25 years, one for 21 years, 5 for 16 to 21 years. John Madden who has been involved for 16 years stated that it “Is always a joy and a privilege to be in the play year after year” “I look forward to it every March!” Out of the 100 use cast members and choir and support staff over 35 are Knights, spouses and children. The play was also featured in the Harvest magazine in the March/April issue.

The play is scheduled every year the week before Holy week. This 2 hour play is performed four times during this week and is attended by parishioners, community members and people from surrounding towns. The play depicts the birth and public ministry of Jesus and enacts a realistic portrayal of his Passion and Death on the Cross. It concludes with a spirit-living celebration of his Resurrection. In a statement by Maine State Deputy Norman Gray, “Though this is not a production of the Knights, it is full of Brother Knights in the Production. Brother Knights play many of the key roles, including Moses, John the Baptist, Apostles and even Christ is a brother Knight … we are deeply moved each time we see the Play” Knights, their supposes and family members logged in 1,526 hours just in this years production. Many of the Knights enjoy being part of this enactment of Christ and his life during the passion season and it is fantastic way for the knights to support the church, their faith and their community.

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