Third Annual Altar Server Festival

Third Annual Altar Server Festival


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

Our Supreme Chaplain, Archbishop William Lori, has told us, “Without a Priest, there is no Eucharist; without the Eucharist, there is no Church.” To maximize the ministry of the Priesthood, he often employs various other ministries during the Mass. Probably the most visible of these is the Altar Server. These Servers are often introduced to this ministry as young children. It is through their service as Altar Servers that many of our Priests and Sisters developed their desire to enter the Priesthood or Religious Vocation.
On Sunday, August 19th, the Diocese of Portland conducted the 3rd Annual Altar Server Festival, held at St. Mary Church, Augusta. District Eight was again asked to coordinate the event, and to provide the meal.
The event began with the Mass, celebrated by Bishop Robert Deeley, and concelebrated by four Priests. The procession was led by 33 young Altar Servers, fully-attired in the vestments used by the nineteen respective Parishes from which they came.
Following the Mass, at which over 95 people were in attendance, Father Seamus Griesbach of the Office of Vocations arranged the youth into four teams, where they engaged in various games: all of which were directly related to the functions and duties of an Altar Server.
When the games were completed, Bishop Deeley gave a blessing before the crowd enjoyed a sumptuous repast of burgers, franks, chips, and beverages, prepared by Knights of District Eight. I would like to offer a special thank you to Marc Doyon (1423), Tim Tyce (1299), Ernie Morrissette (1299), and Joseph Kus (334), for their invaluable assistance in ensuring the success of this event. A very special thank you to Sacristan Bob Goodrich, Beka Padilla of the Chancery, and Deacon Denis Maillot for their contributions in today’s events.
It is our sincere hope that many of the young participants’ “spark of devotion and service” will continue to glow, and that they may continue to serve and lead OUR Church into the future. They ARE our future.

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