Turkey Dinner Delivery

Turkey Dinner Delivery


Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

On February 18 Council 680 held a turkey dinner that was delivered to all the widows, widowers, shut-ins, disabled and the sick of our Parish. Since we were unable to provide our annual Widow’s banquet last year and it doesn’t look good that we will be able to do it again this year, we decided to go to them rather than them come to us. In keeping with the Leave No Neighbor Behind initiative encouraged by Supreme, we also decided to expand it to the members of our Parish who are finding it extra difficult to deal with this ongoing pandemic. On February 17th, 6 members of Council 680 met at the Parish Hall kitchen of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church to begin preparing the food for cooking and delivery the following day. Potatoes were peeled, carrots were prepared, and turkeys were seasoned. The next morning, 2 Knights returned to the kitchen to place 9 turkeys in roasters and begin the cooking process. Later that day, 6 Knights returned to the kitchen to cook the potatoes, carrots, and stuffing. Gravy and cranberry sauce were placed in individual serving containers. When ready the cooked turkey was removed from the carcasses and shredded. Potatoes were mashed and the carrots were buttered and seasoned. The cooked items were then placed in takeout containers for distribution. The ladies of the Parish had donated dessert items and these were also placed in individual serving containers. The containers were then placed in bags with the selected Parishioners name and address on each bag. A total of 16 drivers then delivered these meals to the Parishioners in the Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway areas. The meals were free of charge but many recipients wanted to make a donation for our efforts. The generosity not only covered the expenses of providing this meal but we were also able to make a sizable donation to a local oil company to provide heating oil assistance to those most in need.

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