Visiting our Home bound members

Visiting our Home bound members


Council: 106 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Seeing that we have many council members that area elderly we decided to get a group of us to go see the older members that are no longer able to come to our meetings for some reason. We decided to visit them in their homes to cheer them up. We take turns to go visit them one a month to different members. We sit and chat with them and see how they are doing by spending about an hour and then go another hour to visit another members. The joy they get of seeing us is very exciting and to see them with smiles and talk about the good of day of when things were different being a knight. They were a ones that were very involved and also always at the meeting until they got to old to be able to get out like they wanted to. Some of the were officers of the council some just members but were big volunteers and were there when we needed. This is the time to visit them and not wait until we have to go to one of there wakes and not have the presence of us being with them enjoying there brother knights.

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