Wake and Funeral Mass – SK Paul L. Labbe

Wake and Funeral Mass - SK Paul L. Labbe


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

We emphasize the fact that when a Catholic male becomes a member of the Order, he is now part of the largest Catholic, FAMILY service organization in the world.

Paul L. Labbe received his First, Second, and Third Degrees in 1965, and his Fourth Degree in 1973. His participation in many of the Council’s and Assembly’s programs also included participation by his family. At his passing, his family’s loss was joined by our, his fraternal Brothers, loss.

At the wake, the Prayers for the Deceased were offered by Brothers of Councils 334, 114, and 1299. His Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated by Reverend (Brother Sir Knight) Frank Morin. Fourth Degree Escort Honor Guard was provided by Sir Knights of Pine Cone and Abnaki Assemblies.

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