Welcome to the Faith Community – Helping Hands

Welcome to the Faith Community - Helping Hands


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Mrs. Hollingsworth contacted St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Bangor to see if there were persons to help with them moving their personal property from u-hauls or utility trailers into their new home in Brewer. The parish secretary contacted the Grand Knight of Pine Cone Council, 114, Peter Starr to which here is what he asked: Hello brothers, below is a request for assistance from Mary Brown.
Gentleman, A lady by the name of Rosemarie Hollingsworth is in need of a couple able-bodied men to move some furniture into their new home in Brewer. Her number is 978-270-6086. Please let me know if you have reached out to her and if you are able to get her some assistance. Her husband has a bad back. Thanks!
The following Knights contacted Mrs. Hollingsworth and made arrangements to assist with unloading of four separate deliveries: Eric Crocker, Emmanuel Asare , Dr. David Carmack, Ej Hikel & son Gabe, and Keith Forbes.
The husband Robert, nic-named “Early”, helped with the unloading by lifting the smaller items and directing the movement of property. Throughout each of the occasions to assist, the Hollingsworths have been ever so grateful. They have over and over again remarked how pleasant each of the Knights have been and welcoming them to the community.
To unload a trailer took approximately 20-30 minutes. Lots of furniture, totes, and well packed household items. They really needed the help and it was very rewarding welcoming a new family into the parish and to the community.

More proof that we have a great group of men in this council! Thanks to all involved!

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