Welcoming New Parishoner Breakfast 2018. 15791

Welcoming New Parishoner Breakfast 2018. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Three of our council brothers, and their family members participated in Saint Jude’s New Parishioner Welcoming Breakfast on Sunday April 29, 2018. Prior to Mass the church hall was set-up, and the cooks were hard at work preparing the breakfast for this years “Welcoming New Parishioner Breakfast”. Following Mass approximately 58 people were in attendance. This day the church families were welcoming 20 NEW Families into the Church. Several of the Parish commission heads were present to speak on their groups and to answer any questions the new families had. Also present were the Knights who also presented a short talk on our Order, and we also had hand outs for the families to read along with a letter explaining our council and what we do within the Parish of the Holy Eucharist. We hope that this program will yield a new member or two at some point. This has been one of the new ways we have been trying to recruit new members into our council. So far we have recruited one new member through these New Parishioner Welcoming Breakfast this year. We must always keep in mind in recruiting we stride to recruit “One New Member At A Time” with our LORDS help.

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