When Duty Calls – The Knights Respond

When Duty Calls - The Knights Respond


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

A Widowed male Parishioner contacted the Parish office and asked if they could help find someone to assist him with providing a watchful eye on him after being discharged from the hospital. You see this person is pretty much confined to his wheel chair, he realize on transportation from agencies that provide support to senior citizens in wheel chairs. This gentleman was having a Colonoscopy and they require someone to sign him out upon being discharged, and to provide 24 hours of care due to the anesthesia in the procedure. The parish office contacted the Knights and asked if they might have someone that would do this, well the Knight who got the call stated that he would provide the care. So on August 11th at 4 pm, the Knight arrived at Eastern Maine Medical Center and signed the patient out and followed him to his residence at 58 Colonial Circle in Brewer, this is an assisted living complex. The Knight followed the gentleman in his wheel chair to his room and then helped him get comfortable in his living space, a recliner along with his pet cat.

For the next two and a half hours the gentleman (a story teller) explained his up-bringing, then a story about his wife’s wedding ring among other stories. All went well and it was decided that the Knight could leave and call in three times over the next several hours, so a call was placed at about 8am, then noon and the final one at about 4 pm to make the 24 hour period.

An unusual request, as the gentleman had no family, and felt he had no one else to rely on, he called the Church and then the church called the Knights – his Prayers were answered.

A Knight – Being a Knight, it’s as simple as this.

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