Working with Seniors within our community.

Working with Seniors within our community.


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our Council Brothers / Secular Franciscans and community residents attended and taught a few community residents’ how to read, understand, and become familiar with the Holy Bible, during the weeks of Sept third thru the twenty-fourth in our Community Common Room. Recently two of the community residents asked me if I could help them with reading and understanding the Bible. We had a very blessed time, and all in attendance enjoyed them selves very much. Spreading the Good News of the Bible is especially important to our brother knight / Secular Franciscan and the residents who attended. It was mentioned that a few of the residents might like to do this again in the Spring. After the final class on 24 September, we all went out and enjoyed a nice lunch and plenty of fellowship was had by all. Thanks be to God.

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