Wreath Across America

Wreath Across America


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

December 18 was a very special day in Biddeford. Over 3,500 wreaths were placed on grave sites all over the city by volunteers who paid their respects to the veterans buried there. The event was organized by Graig Morin, owner of Brown Dog Carriers, a local trucking company located on Elm Street in Biddeford. Brother Denis Litalien was the Location Coordinator for the event at ST. Joseph Cemetery.
Besides making a financial contribution to sponsor the purchase of wreaths, the St. Joseph Knights of Columbus played an important part of this event, working weeks prior to the event, marking the graves of the veterans buried in all the cemeteries in Biddeford. During the placement of the wreaths, they worked in cooperation with other community groups, including the Fire Dept., local Veterans’ groups, the Rotary Club and the Boy Scouts.
Many Knights, over 25 at last count, were involved in various parts of the event, even there when it was time to pick up the leftover wreaths and cardboard boxes as they cleaned up. One brother even travelled to Columbia Falls, Maine, to pick up a tractor-trailer load of wreaths for the event. And for the Assembly, a few of our brothers in regalia travelled to Portland to welcome the convoy of wreaths trucks at Cheverus High School.
And most of all, the event was a huge reminder of the service and sacrifice of our veterans to our country, making it possible for us to enjoy our lives in the manner we have become accustomed to.

The Council donated $150.00 for Wreaths

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