Yearly Summer Snack Program Support. 15791

Yearly Summer Snack Program Support. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

As a Secular Franciscan and a member of Council 15791 I encouraged our Secular Franciscan Fraternity to support the local Food Program in our community once again during 2021. After discussion by our members, it was decided to once again this year help the Summer Snack Program out. With the many programs offered. Our Fraternity Treasurer reminded us that we donated $150.00 last year to the group. A Fraternity Council Officer suggested that we donate $200.00, because our treasury would allow us to do the $200.00. So, a vote was taken, and it was decided to set aside the $200.00. Shortly, two of our members will find out from the “Summer Program Director” what they will need, and then we will go out and purchase the item (s) for them so they will not have to spend the time doing the purchasing. As Knights of Columbus, and Secular Franciscans we are “Good Samaritans” and help people and programs in need. We all should as caring Christians share our Treasurer’s, no matter how little, and to help one another to pursue the Common Good for all. Thanks Be to GOD.

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