Virtual 125th Annual State Convention


Welcome to the Virtual meeting of the 125th Maine State Council Convention.
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There are a few announcements I need to make as we proceed with this virtual meeting:

  • We know that this will be a unique experience for all, including your state officers and staff, so I am grateful for your patience.
  • Only delegates with proper credentials have the right to speak during this meeting. This is the same as “floor rights” during a typical meeting. If someone with the right to speak wishes to do so, please press *3 on your phone, and you will be placed in the queue. Note that you may be contacted so that we may know your intention to alert me when to recognize you.
  • Please do not mute your phone, the system automatically mutes participants. This will speed up the process when being recognized to speak. Again, please do not mute your phone.
  • The Minutes of the 2019 State Convention, Committee Reports, Nominations of Officers, Resolutions, Charity Fund nominations and the Proposed Budget for the next fraternal year have been distributed prior to this meeting for review.
  • Our goal is to complete the required business in 90 minutes, so many items will be abbreviated, or eliminated. I ask that everyone, especially Delegates, stay connected until we have concluded the Meeting.


Shortened Order of Business :

  • Prayer
  • Appointment of Committee on Credentials
  • Report of Committee on Credentials
  • Approval of 2019 Minutes
  • Reports of Committees
  • Reports of State Officers
  • Nomination and Election of State Officers
  • Nomination and Election of Representatives and Alternates to the Supreme Council
  • Consideration of Resolutions
  • New Business
    • 2020-2021 Proposed Budget
    • 2020 Charity Fund
  • Prayer
  • Adjournment

Committee Reports

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